Terminal warehouse
We have a professional dock warehouse and vast storage space to ensure that your goods are safe and unobstructed during export.

Consultation and diagnosis
·Environmental assessment: local road conditions in a project;   and road weight and height limitations.
·Demand analysis: gas filling volume and container pressure   requirements by clients; and standards accordingly.

Preliminary analysis
·Preliminary feasibility; economic and technical analysis·Economic calculation

Customized scheme
·Write technical specifications and provide a design plan according    to requirements.
·Set a budget.
·Confirm the technical scheme.

JK develops and offers customized solutions according to the needs of our clients for each business line.
·Storage system.
·Transportation system.
·Transportation and logistics solutions for natural gas, hydrogen        and industrial gas.
·Manufacturing process.
·Visual production of JK allows our clients to make a visual service appointment for the manufacturing process. Our clients can follow up the production process and control the quality at any time.

JK provides individualized training so that operators can use the equipment in a correct and safe way.
·Safety training.
·Operation and functions.
·Employee training.
·Maintenance solutions.