Hydrogen Tube Skids

Hydrogen Tube Skids

Hydrogen is easy to transport easy in long-distance and can be transported in different formats by using JKTANK container series.

Nowadays, the transport of compressed gaseous is the main transport options used. Gaseous hydrogen can be transported in small to medium quantities in compressed gas containers by lorry.

For transporting larger volumes, several pressurized gas cylinders or tubes are bundled together on so-called CGH2 tube trailers. The large tubes are bundled together inside a protective frame.

The tubes are usually made of steel and have a high net weight. This can lead to mass-related transport restrictions. However, our newest pressurized storage systems use lighter composite storage containers for lorry transport.

We employ engineering and metallurgical teams who work to design products that are state-of-the-art, code and regulatory compliant, safe and cost-effective.We have a standard line of vessels in production but we also offer customization of vessels to match your specific payload and space requirements. Using a sophisticated CNC spin forging machine (spinner) with proprietary software, we form the gas container ends to meet your specific needs.

Every vessel that leaves our facilities is certified, by our code documentation and stamp markings, for safe storage or transportation. Customers can feel safe that JKTANK vessels uphold high standards and will maintain integrity whether transporting vessels by land, rail, or overseas.
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